Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2015

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We’re thrilled to release the results of our 2015 customer satisfaction survey.

Starting in 2013, Team Metalogic began introducing the ‘Metalogic Way’. These 6 key principles define the high standards that we strive to consistently achieve in delivering day-to-day service to our client accounts.

Customer satisfaction is one of these principles and since 2014 we have invited each and every employee of our clients to complete an Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. This document details the summary findings of this survey, along with the benchmark statistics from our per-incident satisfaction surveys.

Overall response rates to per-incident surveys are high and when benchmarked against other global users of our call-management system indicate consistently above-average service levels with the most impressive marker being the rating assigned to our support staff. On average, a Team Metalogic engineer scores 4.97 out of a possible 5.00, 9.71% above the average support engineer.

Overall satisfaction on a per-incident basis also yields encouraging results with the average score being 4.96 out of a possible 5.00, 6.00% above global averages.

Over 80% of all respondents are very satisfied with the speed of responsiveness, the timeliness of initial response and our ability to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Over 84% of respondents feel our service levels have either remained consistent or improved over the last 12 months. Only 2 respondents indicated that service levels had worsened over the last 12 months.

95% of respondents feel that Team Metalogic provide services that are valuable to them and 94% of respondents agree that Team Metalogic keep their IT systems running to the highest levels of uptime.

The overall feeling of respondents is that Team Metalogic is a company that operates in a professional manner, is convenient to use, understands the business needs of its’ customers and is extremely responsive to questions and technical issues.

Finally, we asked respondents how likely it is that they would recommend Team Metalogic to a friend or colleague. The resulting Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a globally recognised gauge of the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships. With an NPS of +50 being considered excellent, our overall Net Promoter Score is 74.

Team Metalogic will continue to strive for excellence in all areas of service delivery and hope to further improve quality and customer satisfaction over the coming twelve months.

  To download the full summary report in PDF format, click here.

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