Creative Risk Solutions

The Problem…

Four months into an agreement with their IT support company, Creative Risk Solutions were referred to us. They used a line of business programme that was cloud based. Unfortunately their internet connection would drop out regularly, resulting in long periods of downtime when they were unable to access the system. Their workstations were custom-built, home-grade machines and showing their age, the server was under specced and ‘in-the-box’ software that would have been of great benefit to them was installed but not configured and therefore unused. Overall it was a good example of poor configuration!

Creative Risk Solutions had become used to poor response times from their support team and often had to wait days before a fault that they had reported was acted upon, which had a knock-on effect for the business. There was no forward planning in terms of their technology and they were firefighting issues on a daily basis.

The Metalogic Way…

We knew that we needed to come in and make some extensive changes. Because Creative Risk Solutions were still under contract with their support provider, we bought out the remainder of their contract so that we could start work straight away. Their infrastructure had a complete overhaul, we migrated their broadband to us and updated it to two business-grade fibre connections. They immediately saw an increase in speed and with the routers also changed to more robust and functional models, it added a level of redundancy that meant if one line dropped due to an outage, it would use the other. Workstations were either replaced with business-grade Dell PCs or overhauled, depending on whether they were still fit for purpose. Microsoft Office was upgraded and, while the current server was new, it was rebuilt with some marginal upgrades to extend its lifecycle and reconfigured to link with available software that simply hadn’t been used or configured.

Overnight, from 5pm to 3am and over the course of a weekend, we re-cabled, re-configured and rebuilt servers and workstations to ensure the minimum amount of disruption and a smooth handover. Once the new system was in they could access sensitive files and emails remotely, meaning that staff could work safely from portable devices. It also allowed external, approved 3rd parties to access through a secure login.

Then the standard Metalogic snagging period kicked in, with all tickets from Creative Risk Solutions prioritised for 2 weeks, just in case any teething issues needed ironing out. We now offer full Managed Services for them, responding swiftly to any problems, their server is maintained on a monthly basis to check its effectiveness and additional security enhancements have greatly improved their malware protection and web and email filtering. Productivity has increased, there are no service drop outs and no workstation or service outages. Another textbook example of the Metalogic Way in action!

The Stats…

4.9 Stars 99.65% – Uptime since our engagement. (Team Metalogic Average: 98.99%)

5.0 Stars 5.00 / 5.00 – Customer Satisfaction Rating. (Team Metalogic Average: 4.94 / 5.00)

The Feedback…

“Team Metalogic provide us with a first class service in terms of their expertise, response times and they always get it right first time! I would have no hesitation in recommending Team Metalogic to any business looking for the best IT provider.”

Graham Morgan, Finance Director, Creative Risk Solutions

“Many thanks, your teams service has been excellent , we all feel a lot more confident now that you are on board.”

Jan Wilkins, Managing Director, Creative Risk Solutions

“The troops all agree with me what a difference Team Metalogic has made to the working environment at CRS. You came highly recommended to us and rest assured you will be highly recommended by us.”

Marion Hughes, Office Manager, Creative Risk Solutions


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