Lock your doors and throw away the keys, Smishing is deadly.

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What is Smishing?

Cybercriminals are all around us, your critical data is always at risk…

Smishing originates from both ‘SMS’ and ‘phishing’ combined. Phishing being the deception of trust to get you to reveal personal, sensitive, or private information over email.

However, instead of using email, normal phone calls, hoax websites or VoIP, Smishing is carried out through text or SMS messages to mobile phones.

In likeness to both Phishing & Vishing, Smishing also uses a similar selection of scare tactics and emotional manipulation to trick you into giving up your information. The aim is simple and exactly the same: To steal your money and your personal details.

Why is Smishing so hazardous to my business?

In the modern-day, any form of a data breach is required to be announced, needless to say, your reputation would be severely damaged, sensitive information is private, it shouldn’t be in the wrong hands. Smishing can be carried out in several ways:

Social Engineering – The means of leveraging your trust in order to obtain your private information.

Using threats – “If you ignore this message you will be charged daily until you accept the terms.”

Links & attachments – Simple but effective, send 1000 texts with a single link or attachment, someone’s bound to click or download it.

With many other siege tools available, cybercriminals have an endless number of tricks to get your private information.

How do you avoid being targeted?

Most of the time we receive texts from friends, family, or other legitimate sources. Nevertheless, out of the blue, you’ll soon be targeted by an anonymous number, or two.

To help you remain alert, below are some approaches to prevent Smishing:

– Never reply to unknown numbers unless you are confident it’s trustworthy.

– Don’t reply to text messages riddled with confusing language, errors & mistakes, even if it’s from a trusted number, it doesn’t mean it’s them.

– Don’t click on any links or attachments within a text message.

– Never install applications that come through a text message, verify things first but always stick to the genuine app store.

– If the preview looks dodgy, don’t even open it, just delete it.

In order to increase security for your mobile phone, we suggest a Virtual Private Network. This will secure and encrypt any communication taking place between your mobile and the Internet on the other end. Giving you an extra layer of protection.

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