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What is Vishing?

Cybercriminals are all around us, your critical data is always at risk…

Vishing is a combination of ‘voice’ and ‘phishing.’ However, instead of using email, normal phone calls, or hoax websites to gather and steal your private and personal information, Vishers use an internet telephone service (VoIP).

Using scare tactics and emotional manipulation, the objective is to trick you into giving up your data. These Vishers even create fake Caller ID profiles which make the phone numbers seem dependable and trustworthy. The goal of Vishing is plain: steal your money, identity, or both.

Why do I need to understand Vishing?

Personal identity is important to each and every individual. Vishing is carried out in various ways and it’s important that you’re aware of the different examples of fraud and attempted theft. The most common form arrives in the voice of your Bank or your Credit card company.

“Your personal account has been locked. Please provide your details to unlock the account.”

A common method to promote anxiety and panic, the fear of failed payments for bills and mortgages will worry you into a mistake, often causing details to be shared.

“Congratulations! You’ve just won our star prize of a 3-week vacation to Croatia.”

A scam in the form of excitement, at this point it could be totally legitimate (given you entered a prize draw with that prize), however if not, you’ll soon be asked to pay a ‘returnable fee’ to claim the prize, you guessed it, you won’t get that back.

There are hundreds of different methods to trick you into paying money or sharing your details with fraudsters, security awareness is what you need to acknowledge threats.

How do you avoid vishing?

Everybody receives phone calls, 90% of the time they’re genuine, however, you’ll always get an unknown number light up the phone when you least expect it. To help you remain cautious, below are some specific steps to prevent Vishing:

– Be aware, don’t trust everyone.

– Don’t give in to pressure, you can hang up if you feel like it’s untrustworthy.

– Ignore phone calls from unknown numbers. (If they’re important they’ll leave a message that’ll give you an idea if they’re truthful)

– Always be cautious, certain people can be very convincing over the phone.

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