The Metalogic Way

We’ve evolved and grown as a business over the years, but we always stick to the 6 Key Principles that make up The Metalogic Way.

1. Our Mission

The Metalogic Mission is to keep our clients’ businesses running by delivering a consistently excellent service, always doing what’s in their best interests and never taking shortcuts.

2. Our Vision

The Metalogic Vision is to stand out from the crowd and change the way people think about outsourced IT.

3. Our Values

These are the Metalogic Values we promise to deliver on every job we do;

  • Quality. At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to the highest quality of service.
  • Consistency. We deliver high levels of service on a consistent basis.
  • Integrity. The advice we give is always with our clients’ best interests at heart
  • Honesty. We tell it like it is even if it’s not what clients want to hear
  • Clarity. Our solutions and proposals are always in a language that clients will understand
  • Personality. We like a laugh and let our personality shine through.
  • Reputation. Our reputation is important, so we won’t compromise or cut corners
  • Attention to detail. All systems are monitored and checked for potential issues
  • Pro-active. Problems are sometimes fixed before a client even knows about it

We don’t subscribe to the mentality of ’stick a plaster over it, make good and move on’. Our intention has always been to do the best job possible from day one. We regularly monitor our performance levels, response times and customer satisfaction responses. That’s how we’ve built a reputation as one of Wales’ leading providers of managed IT services.

4. Our Customers' Satisfaction

After every support ticket we close for a client, we send a short 5-question survey based on their opinion of the level of support they had received. These responses are automatically collated and each member of our technical support team is given an average ‘rating’ out of 5.

For the period 2016-2017, our average satisfaction score was 4.92 out of 5.00, so we must be doing something right!

Average Survey Score (2016-2017)
4.92 / 5.00

5. Our Benchmarks

Our call management and ticketing system is provided by the worlds’ leading hosted IT business management software provider. Used worldwide by tens of thousands of companies in more than 50 countries, it means that we can benchmark our customers’ survey results against theirs.

Needless to say, the results are consistently exceptional:


6. Our Statistics

It’s great that our customers are happy with us as a service provider but what really matters is that servers stay running, e-mails keep flowing and businesses keep trading. That’s why we have a monthly target of 99.5% uptime for every server at all our clients’ sites.

Average Client Uptime (2016-2017)

We’ll report back to you at the end of each month and let you know the uptime of your server(s) as both a percentage against target and as actual downtime hours. Of course, some downtime is unavoidable – servers need to be updated and rebooted, taking a little while to come back online. But the one thing you can guarantee is that we’ll be working when you’re not to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

It’s the Metalogic Way…

and we wouldn’t change a thing about it.