Unified communication providers can ensure that your company's telephony and IT systems survive the storms and other seasonal disasters

It’s all talk about #snow and #weatherwarnings today in Wales.

Beware and Prepare

When the ‘Beast from the East’ colliding with storm ‘Emma’ in 2018 it was estimated to have cost the UK economy over £1 Billion per day. In terms of maintaining productivity, the unpredictable British weather can be particularly challenging for many businesses.

Bad weather can test a company’s infrastructure to breaking point, often wreaking havoc on corporate communications.

From broken phone lines to power cuts, a company’s hardwired communication systems are uniquely vulnerable to outside events.

That’s before considering the impact of heavy snow or storms on employee attendance, with the UK typically experiencing more 23 snow days each year. Flooding experienced across the UK in recent years has also given us all a reality check on our vulnerability.

Adverse Weather can cause 3 main problems:

  • Most staff are unable to get to the office
  • Your office is closed
  • Your phone lines are dead

We can ensure that your company’s telephony and IT system survive the storm and other seasonal disasters by

  • Holding the hardware in the cloud
  • Giving you remote web access to redirect phone calls quickly
  • Having mobile and desktop-based apps to allow your staff access to calls wherever, whenever.

Don’t let the bad weather be a cost to your business.

Here at Team Metalogic, we have a number of resources to help you plan for these threats. Check out our latest documents

Contact us today to find out more about our IT support and start to improve your business continuity with TML Disaster Recovery plan.


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