Team Metalogic has achieved a place on Channel Futures’ 2020 MSP 501 list.

Team Metalogic announced in Channel Futures’ 2020 MSP 501 list

Team Metalogic has achieved a place on Channel Futures’ 2020 MSP 501 list.

The Managed Service Providers (MSP) 501, presented by Channel Futures, is the IT’s most prestigious global ranking list. A feature  means that your business is recognised as one of the top 501 service providers in the world.

Each year, the MSP 501 recognises some of the biggest and most successful managed service providers globally. 

Channel Futures’ MSP 501 list is now in its 13th year, and describes itself to be the “largest and most comprehensive survey” which ranks the businesses. 

“We are delighted’, says Mike Parfitt - CEO of Team Metalogic. “It’s a fantastic achievement for our entire team.”

The MSP 501 has altered considerably since it first began 14 years ago. Initially, the winning companies were ranked on their previous year’s annual revenue.

Now in 2020, the methodology for shortlisting companies looks very different. So much so that Channel Futures is calling the 2020 methodology “a whole new era”. The MSP 501 now also measures revenue per employee and customer churn as part of the ranking.

The judging criteria is broken down as:

50% - Weighted annual revenue
25% - Profit vs. revenue
15% - Percent of annual revenue that’s recurring
10% - Operational efficiency, including revenue per employee and customer churn

Team Metalogic is thrilled to earn a spot on Channel Futures’ MSP 501 list, particularly as the applicant pool grew for the third year, making 2020 the most competitive year to date.

Channel Futures, who creates the MSP 501, is a media brand devoted to the diverse spectrum of channel companies focused on the digital services revolution. They congratulated all those who earned a spot, and you can view all the winners here.

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