Jason Shaw

Position: Projects Engineer

What was the very first computer you used? (aka how old are you?!)

I think it was a Vic20? but might have been a Spectrum ZX or Commodore 64, I mostly remember it taking half an hour to load a game that might fail and had no save points!

Who is your hero?

 lon Musk, I just love how he is constantly trying to push humanity forwards, move us away from fossil fuels, expand our reach into space... even his neural link research (which is terrifying right now) has the potential to flip the world on its head in the future.

When did you join Team Metalogic?


Why are you here?

I'm really keen on keeping up to date with the latest technology and ways of doing things, anything I can stick my teeth into and get under the hood and just learn really keeps me going. There's nothing better than figuring out a cool way to do something, introduce that to someone else and come away having made their life just a little bit better.

What are your hobbies?

It's a strange one, but I'm really into papercraft at the moment! It takes a steady hand and is quite therapeutic, plus it's lockdown friendly! In more normal times I like to play badminton to try and keep fit.

What does your down-time look like?

I like to socialise, go to events like festivals or jet off on holiday! Nothing quite beats live music surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people... unless its lying on a beach in the sun with a cocktail in your hand.

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