Continuity & disaster recovery

We recognise that when a disaster strikes, you need to recover and get up and running as soon as possible. Loss of data could cost you financially, as well as hours of time.

Keeping you operational

Team Metalogic recognises that business continuity is crucial to businesses as computer systems need to be operational as often as possible and data loss can have a severe impact on a business. 

Team Metalogic can work with you to create and develop business continuity plans from the basic backup strategy right through to redundant systems, disaster recovery and contingency planning. We can help to outline and define the options available to you to enable you to be operational not only in the event of a major systems failure but as a result of issues related to fire, theft and physical damage as well as component failure.

How much data are you prepared to lose?

You need to ensure you've got a hold on your data and be clear on what's critical to ensure continuity:

  • The minimum recommendation is for a nightly backup to be made that will store all of your crucial data.
  • In the worst-case scenario, a disaster at the end of a working day may mean that an organisation has to revert to the last successful backup – which may mean a full day (or more) of data is lost.
  • Methods exist to reduce the amount of data that is lost in the event of certain disasters – the cost to setup obviously goes up as the potential for the amount of data possibly lost goes down.

How long can your computer system be non-operational?

Data loss is one issue – downtime is another. In the event of a disaster, there will be a certain amount of time that your computer system will be non-operational.

  • In an organisation with no specific Disaster Recovery plan in place, this might be up to 5 days (or possibly more).
  • Specific Disaster Recovery options exist that give specific time frames depending on the nature of the disaster.
  • Again, as the time to recover is reduced, the cost to setup the initial plan increases.

For nearly 20 years, Team Metalogic has been operating as a leading IT and Telecoms company, and in this time they have been committed to helping their staff develop and grow.

Team Metalogic goes above and beyond in offering training opportunities to staff


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Team Metalogic has achieved a place on Channel Futures’ 2020 MSP 501 list.

Team Metalogic announced in Channel Futures’ 2020 MSP 501 list

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