Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best form of damage control. Your Managed IT Services package includes a monthly program of scheduled preventative maintenance.

This service means that we can solve problems before they impact you, and stop attacks or other mishaps from taking place. 

We save you time, hassle and money, and enable you to concentrate on the important things - your business. The expert tools that we use for preventative maintenance are used around-the-clock to constantly protect and benefit your business.

As part of your preventative maintenance services, we also offer consultancy discussions every six months.

Passwordless authentication is any way in which a user’s identity can be verified without the need for a password.

What is passwordless authentication and is it right for your organisation?

Calum Challenger joined Team Metalogic at the beginning of 2021 in the role of Junior Service Desk Engineer. Since then, he’s excelled in his first few months with the company.

New team member, Calum Challenger, excels in first few months with Team Metalogic

Would you describe your workplace as modern?

Microsoft for the Modern Workplace

With over 3 decades of IT experience, Rhodri Griffiths joins Team Metalogic.

With over 3 decades of IT experience, Rhodri Griffiths joins Team Metalogic

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