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Making sure we’re hitting the mark when it comes to customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. That’s why we publish real-time feedback information live on our web site.

Happy Partners

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS)

We work with Customer Thermometer, a great organisation who help us gauge customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) in our continued effort to be the best we can be at delivering service excellence.

Whilst everyone makes mistakes, and we surely will from time to time, we hope that by publishing feedback from our clients in real-time we can show that not only do we really deliver great service, but we’re not afraid to learn from criticism or negative feedback.

Real-time Net Promoter Score

Powered by Customer Thermometer

Net Promoter ® and NPS ® are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems and Fred Reichheld

A Net Promoter Score has a scale from -100 through to +100.

Any NPS score above 0 is ‘good, it means that your audience is more loyal than not.

Anything above 20 is considered “favourable”. Bain & Co, the source of the NPS system, suggest that above +50 is excellent, and above +80 is world class.

We strive to be consistently world class.

Happy Partners

Partner Happiness

Whilst it’s great to benchmark our service delivery using tools like NPS, what really matters to us is that our partners are happy partners. Nobody really like picking up the phone to IT – something is usually broken, not working as it should be or just causing you frustration in an already busy day. But if we can make that process as painless as possible, and even have you leaving us a little bit happier by meeting or even exceeding expectation, then we’ve done what we set out to.

Partner Happiness

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