The TML Partner Portal

Our all-new IT support and management portal enables our partners to access everything they need from a single pane of glass – with plenty of additional benefits too.


Introducing our Partner Portal

Customer experience is fast becoming one of the main differentiators in the Managed Service Provider / IT Services world. Creating an amazing experience for our Partners is key to us achieving World-class partner happiness levels and consistently positive feedback. One of the ways we provide this amazing experience is through our Partner Portal.

The TML Partner Portal helps empower those partnering with us by providing an array of self-service features – like logging tickets, adding new employees, ordering new services, strategic roadmap planning, and even training – all in an intuitive portal that we know you’ll love.

Click through the features slider below to learn about some of the core features of the TML portal:



Ticket Management

Send and track tickets for quick resolution. Our guided questioning ensures we have all the information we need to get to work on issues as quickly as possible, and without needing to contact you for more fact-finding first. What’s more, because we’re asking all the questions we need to upfront, we’re automatically triaging your request and assigning it an accurate priority level.

Service Requests

In addition to reporting ‘issues’ to us, the self-service catalog available through our portal allows you to quickly and easily onboard new users, change permissions, order new hardware or software licenses, or even safely dispose of old equipment.

Our built-in approvals process ensures only employees with sufficient authorisation are able to place or approve service requests.


Our comprehensive knowledge-base provides content and learning materials that gets the right information to your users before they even need to pick up the phone to us, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Quick Start Guides

A visual library of quick start guides, always up-to-date and helping you navigate commonly used applications including the full Microsoft 365 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive…)

E-Learning University

The more we can train and educate a user on how to get the most out of the technology available to them, the more confident they will be in using it. This means less frustration, less calls to the helpdesk, increased productivity and most importantly… happy people.

With over 40 e-learning courses available all users within your organisation can benefit from improved cyber-security awareness and Microsoft application knowledge.

And if training is a key part of your staff development plans, you can add on an enhanced library of 100+ training courses, from everyday software applications through to personal development, business and workplace skills.

With full reporting, certificate generation on successful completion and the ability to add in your own specific training, the TML Portal quickly becomes an essential tool for all employees.

Infrastructure Reporting

Access real-time data about your IT estate including information on all endpoints, their configuration, status, age, geolocation, update readiness and more.

In addition to endpoints, the portal also gives you reporting information on your entire network infrastructure including servers, printers, network devices and even your domain names.

If you use Microsoft 365 within your business, we also deliver extensive reporting on licence usage, adoption and compliance – all in real-time and through easy to understand visuals.

In simple terms, whatever we see, you see.

IT Roadmap Planning

As we engage in strategic conversations with you we’ll help you to plan out your IT roadmap for the 12-24 months ahead.

From within our portal, you’ll have constant access to a visual roadmap that will help you plan, budget and prepare for upcoming IT projects.

What’s more, you’ll be able to access all quotes, current and historical, as well as your agreements and executive reports, all from within the portal.


Fully Integrated to MS Teams

We make accessing our portal as easy it can be – there’s no separate username or password to get access, users simply login with their existing M365 or Google Workspace credentials.

And if they forget these credentials, one-click is all it takes to get a password-less login link delivered straight into their inbox.

But we want out portal to be even easier than that – visible where you work most frequently so training, quick-start guides and a route to fast support are only a click away. That’s why we integrate our portal directly into MS Teams for our partners. Alongside buttons for ‘chats’, ‘teams’ and ‘calls’, you’ll find our portal. And because you’re already signed into Teams, you’re straight in without needing to login, remember a password, or even a web address!

Need to access the portal?

If you’re an existing Team Metalogic partner and are looking to access the portal, simply head to, click the ‘TML Portal’ icon in the navigation bar in Microsoft Teams, or click the button below to be taken straight there.

Instructions via MS Teams

Accessing the Partner Portal via Microsoft Teams is the easiest and quickest way of getting access, there are no usernames or passwords to enter, you’re simply logged straight in based on your Microsoft 365 user account.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. Look for the ‘TML Portal’ icon in the left-hand navigation bar and click on it to access the Portal

If you do not have MS Teams, or do not see the ‘TML Portal’ icon, simply follow the instructions for ‘Via a Web Browser’.

Instructions via Web Browser
  1. Open your preferred web browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc)
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click ‘Microsoft – Log in using your Microsoft work account’

  4. Continue to login using your Microsoft 365 account credentials, these are usually your e-mail address and the password you use to login to your PC.

If you have trouble logging in with your Microsoft 365 account, simply click the ‘Email Link’ option and enter your e-mail address. As long as you’re in our system as a user, we’ll e-mail you a one-time access token to get you logged in.


Video Walkthrough

For a deeper dive into our Partner Portal, watch the video below where our CEO, Mike Parfitt, walks you through the value-added benefits the new Portal brings to your business or organisation:

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