Moving to Us

New customers often worry that switching their IT provider means they must deal with a period of downtime, disruption, or various negative side effects while the new team ‘beds in’.

We make sure everything continues to work while we make the switch. We make switching to Team Metalogic an easy and painless experience.


3 Stages to Success

The process of moving to us, what we call ‘on-boarding’, is very different to most other managed service providers. For us, the only way we can provide real value to your business or organisation is if we really understand it. What is it that you do? And more importantly, why do you do it? What do your own strategic plans for operations, growth and success look like? What are your values and culture defined as? When we fully understand this we can become your trusted advisor, working alongside you inside your business as opposed to outside as a supplier. So how do we achieve that?

It all starts with our onboarding process. While many will want to get this over with as quickly as possible we run your onboarding as a no-cost project, over a 90-day period ensuring that we leave no stone unturned in our quest to become an integral part of your business or organisation.

Day 0-30: Eyes On

The most important aspect of on-boarding you as a new partner is discovering all the elements of your IT estate and getting us connected to it so we can monitor, maintain and support effectively.

We also use this time to document your infrastructure fully, make sure we have access into all devices and change any passwords that may have been known by your previous provider.

We’ll also make sure we speak to all your staff, so they know who we are and why we’re here – the more we can encourage them to contact us, the quicker issues will be resolved and the more productive they will be.

Day 31-60: Exploration

The second stage of on-boarding is about exploring and understanding the devices and infrastructure we have connected to. Why is it there? What is it doing? Is it secure?

During this phase we’ll also look at your wider IT estate including software licensing, subscriptions and device health before reporting back our findings to you.


At the end of each month we’ll sit down with you and discuss progress so far as well as what to expect over the days and weeks that follow. By now, we’ll be fully supporting your business and integrating to your day-to-day operations.

Day 61-90: Deep Dive

Now we’ve got visibility of your systems, networks and infrastructure and know what we’re dealing with day-to-day, it’s time for us to start looking deeper at your general IT strategy. We’ll review any policies, plans, processes you have in place including disaster recovery and business continuity plans to make sure they remain current following your move to us. And don’t worry if you don’t have any, we’re here to help with that too!

Finally, we’ll chat through your own business plans for the months ahead and work out how we can best align the right technology to help you meet your strategic goals and objectives.


Our Onboarding Process Explained

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