Our Leadership Team, under the strategic direction of our Founder & CEO, reinforce our culture, values and wider purpose through our internal teams, processes and communications.


Mike Parfitt, Founder & CEO

After leaving university in 2002 with a degree in Multimedia Computing, Mike had a bold but well-thought out plan. The plan started with him taking a management training role in retail, where he could really experience customer service, business operations, managing teams and generally understand the importance of ‘what good looks like’ as a driver to service delivery excellence.

Saving as much of his earnings as he could, one-year to the day that he started that role and as planned from the outset, he resigned. Saying goodbye to retail, it was on that day in June of 2003 that ‘Metalogic’ was born, with zero debt-financing and not much more than a mobile phone, a laptop and a determination to be different.

Mike attributes the continued success of Team Metalogic to remaining agile and adapting to changing environments and customer needs. Always innovating and never afraid to make bold decisions, Team Metalogic has not only survived the economic hurdles of the last twenty years, but achieved sustainable growth and continued success along the way. 

Some two decades on and Team Metalogic is still under the leadership of Mike, but now with a team of talented individuals that are committed to delivering the same standards, the same determination to succeed and the same belief in the culture, values and wider-purpose that Team Metalogic has become synonymous with.

With the business now in the maturity stage, Mike’s role involves overseeing and managing the day-to-day operations of the business, including developing and implementing strategies for growth and continued sustainability as well as management of key partner accounts, development of supplier/technology partner relationships and internal leadership of technical, sales and administrative teams.


Management Team

Day-to-day operations are supported by a Management Team with overall responsibility for service delivery, partner success and back-office functions.

Through their own direct-reports, the Management Team ensure that Team Metalogic continues to deliver excellence in everything we do, putting our partners first and integrating into their businesses as a long-term, trusted and strategic adviser.

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