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Fed up with technical jargon and sub-par IT support services? We understand. At Team Metalogic, we work closely with clients in Cardiff and across South Wales to deliver bespoke IT services that deliver the best results for each specific use case. 

We offer a range of tailored services depending on the needs of your organisation, including:

Managed IT services     |     Cyber security     |     Cloud computing     |     Telecoms     |     Remote and on site support

Don't settle for less

Team Metalogic have been providing outstanding managed IT support services to businesses in Cardiff, and beyond, for almost two decades. It’s safe to say we know what we’re doing.  

At Team Metalogic there’s a heavy emphasis on partnership and outstanding customer service. We believe that the way to deliver the best results for clients is to work closely with them -- to act as your strategic partner and become an extension of your business.

Our commitment to customer service is at the heart of everything we do and is what drives us forward. Any issues raised with us are prioritised depending on urgency, and our average response time to a request is just six minutes. It’s this service, in tandem with incredibly knowledgeable staff, that has seen us provide award-winning service to our clients since 2003.

What services do Team Metalogic provide?

Our top-notch services are just one of the reasons why we’re a favourite for managed IT services in Cardiff.

We pride ourselves on jargon-free advice and clear, open communication: we believe it’s the best way to build mutual growth and success. To put it simply, we want to help you make your business the best it can be.

If you want to join other local businesses and get the best IT in Cardiff, we’d love to hear from you. 

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1. Remote and on-site support

We always aim to solve problems as soon as they arise. These can be anything from forgotten passwords, to accidentally deleted files, to internet connectivity issues. We can solve the majority of issues remotely to save time on travelling to you, but can always offer on-site support should the situation require it. We even offer unlimited remote support during business hours, because you never know when you’ll need it

2. Managed Security Services

We take cyber security incredibly seriously, we’ll work with you to create a layered approach depending on your organisation’s needs - anything from antivirus and malware protection, to cloud security and Cyber Essentials certifications. We will provide awareness training to your staff so that they can identify and avoid different types of cyber attacks like phishing scams, to help keep all your data secure.

3. Cloud Computing Services

In an agile, ever-changing world, cloud computing services allow you to achieve more with less and reduce your organisation’s reliance on physical hardware. We’ll work with you to move all of your data over to the Cloud and show you how to use it to its fullest.e also specialise in migrating from one Cloud to another - for example if two organisations merge and need to have all their files on the same platform.

Managed IT services: the future of IT support

You’ll probably be familiar with the concept of IT support, which is just a single element of managed IT. The latter uses a proactive approach, with constant monitoring to mitigate issues before they arise, keeping problems to a minimum and things running smoothly. 

Pretty much every business needs some level of help with their IT. The problem with traditional IT support services is that you wait until an issue arises (for example, your internet speed is slow), and then contact your provider and wait for it to be solved. This wastes your valuable time and resources and makes your business less efficient as a result, and as a worst-case scenario could end up compromising your IT security, losing data or damaging your brand reputation.

For managed IT providers such as Team Metalogic our job isn’t finished when the issue has been fixed. We will look at the issue that arose and find the root of the problem, improving your systems and software to prevent further problems reoccurring. We’ll also continually manage your systems and hardware to prevent other issues from arising, keeping your tech as efficient and secure as possible.

When you invest in a managed IT services provider like Team Metalogic, you gain a strategic partner who will help your business flourish. We can help your business achieve its goals by listening to you, offering strategic advice and providing the most efficient technology and security.

What sets us apart? The Team Metalogic Way.

As we’ve said, we work hand-in-hand with our clients. We will continually be invested in your business from the word go: we want you to achieve your goals and having fantastic IT services is a huge part of that. 

Before we start working together, we will discuss with you fully to understand your business and tailor our services to suit you, your needs and your budget. We can make your cyber security stronger, your internet speed faster and train your staff to be able to make the most out of the technology they use. We’re always looking for ways to help improve our clients’ IT systems, whether they’re brand new clients or we’ve been working together for years. 

Working with industry leaders

There’s a reason we’re one of the top 50 managed IT firms in the UK, we only work with the best! Our expert team members are accredited by leading bodies in the industry and we work with leaders such as Microsoft and Dell.

Start your journey with Team Metalogic

If this has piqued your interest and you’d like to benefit from our services, we would love to hear from you. 

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We’re an efficient team and once you’ve made your initial contact to us by phone or email, one of our expert team will back to you very promptly to discuss what you need from us and get cracking! 

We’ll discuss your needs with you at length and only offer you the services we think you’ll benefit from, creating a tailor made service for our organisations to work together.

What Cardiff businesses say about Team Metalogic

Cardiff and South Wales’ industries have boomed in recent years, becoming a hub for all sorts of enterprise; from finance to media and tourism. We work with clients from all sectors, providing fantastic IT services in Cardiff, for engineering firms to estate agents and anything in between. Read what some of them have to say about us below.

Moginie James Estate Agents, Cardiff

“We have used many IT support companies in the past, all of which have over-promised and under-delivered. For the first time we have received honest advice resulting in a far more efficient response to IT issues and through Team Metalogic's monitoring systems, our IT problems have been reduced with our networks working more efficiently.” 

Pink Pig Loans, Cardiff

“After meeting 3 other IT companies, we met with Team Metalogic and after the first meeting they understood our brief and took on board our growth plans, they came up with the perfect IT solution that has managed our expectations. The installation took place over a weekend so the downtime didn’t affect our normal working hours, any natural teething issues were dealt with on the Monday morning with an on-site engineer.

Would I recommend Team Metalogic? 100% yes.”

Level up your IT services with Team Metalogic

With a huge combined experience from all of our highly skilled engineers, we’re well equipped to handle your IT systems and help you level up in your industry. Join other local businesses and get the best IT support in Cardiff and the surrounding area.

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