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 speaks your language  you can rely on  makes the complex simple  are secure  helps your business grow  builds trust and understanding

We’re changing the way people think about IT support and telecoms.

We know it can be tricky with IT support providers. Tech people often speak in jargon and it can be hard to understand what they’re doing.

At Team Metalogic, we work in plain English and communicate openly with our customers to build a relationship of trust. You can rest assured we’ll keep your IT up and running while working with your best interests at heart. 

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Service Standards

6 minutes

Average response time for a request

36 minutes

Average time to resolve an IT support ticket


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Respond and resolve SLA targets met

An entire IT department at your fingertips

The ‘Metalogic Way’ gives you access to an entire IT department’s worth of expertise for less than the cost of a single on-site technician.

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Supporting Clients

Overcoming IT and
telecoms challenges.

As IT supoprt providers, we've spent years assisting clients as they've grown and their needs have developed.

With telecoms and tech becoming an integral part of every business, see how we help our clients to achieve more.

Protect Commercial Insurance Solutions

Feedback from Protect Commercial on our valued support throughout COVID-19.

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Pink Pig Loans

Overcoming data sharing issues and introducing the benefits of managed IT services...

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We share insights, knowledge and our expertise to help you get more out of your IT support.

In our Insights section, we discuss developments and innovation in tech. We break down complex systems and share tips in a language you understand.

team-metalogic-awarded-place-in wales’-fast-growth-50-list

Team Metalogic awarded place in Wales’ Fast Growth 50 list

Team Metalogic has been named in Wales’ Fast Growth 50 (FG50).

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IT support: do you really need it?

What is IT support and do you really need it? We break it all down in our latest article to answer your questions.

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