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We know it can be tricky with IT support providers.

Tech people often speak in jargon and it can be hard to understand what they’re doing.

At Team Metalogic, we work in plain English and communicate openly with our partners to build a relationship of trust. You can rest assured we’ll keep your IT up and running while working with your best interests at heart.

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What We Do

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As your strategic partner, we offer a range of managed IT services tailored specifically to benefit your business.

Think of us as an extension of your team. We work with you to understand your business goals and then align your IT to help meet these, all the while providing peace of mind and a high-value service.

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We understand every business has different needs when it comes to cyber security.

As your managed security service provider, we offer a layered approach to cyber security. We’ll work with you to identify your business needs to ensure systems are protected and monitored from increasing global threats.

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The changing modern world means that we now need the flexibility to work from different locations, whether that’s multiple offices, from home or across countries. 

We offer cloud computing services to businesses because we know how versatile and agile they are. They can empower your business to achieve more with less, reducing the reliance on physical systems and on-site hardware. We will work with you to make the most out of these systems, ensuring you and your team can work efficiently and confidently.

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Technology is growing, and so is your business.

We’re always looking to improve the way we do things, that’s why we keep on top of the latest advances in technology so that we can provide the most up-to-date networking hardware and infrastructure to our clients.

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We’ve a range of products and services that can help with identifying, measuring and mitigating risk within your business as well as ensuring governance & compliance requirements are met, if not exceeded.

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Effectively handle your calls and data with our extensive range of business telecoms. Whether you’re a single-user or a large team, working on-site or remotely, we’ve got the telecoms solution to keep you connected.

Behind the scenes of our ‘Meet the Team’ videos

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What Our Partners Are Saying

I can’t express enough how grateful I am to you for all your help and support throughout what has been a very tough time for all of us.

A big thank you to you and your team. You’ve got a good bunch there.

Katherine Evans

Head of Operations, Protect Commercial Insurance Solutions

Team Metalogic have transformed my practices.

Without Metalogic, we wouldn’t have had the growth of the business that we’ve had and it’s enabled our turnover over a 15-year period to increase 15-fold.

We’ve gone from the dinosaur age and pen & paper to a 21st century cutting edge dental practice. And that’s all down to Team Metalogic.

Dr Len Smart

Owner, Bridge Dental Care

We’ve had 5 IT suppliers in 5 years, not got on with any of them – had some awful advice. Team Metalogic have come in and given some really really solid advice and our IT systems have never been more stable or resilient.

Spencer Symmons

Co-Founder & Director, CPS Group (UK) Ltd

After meeting 3 other IT companies, we met with Team Metalogic and after the first meeting they understood our brief and took on board our growth plans, they came up with the perfect IT solution that has managed our expectations. The installation took place over a weekend so the downtime didn’t affect our normal working hours, any natural teething issues were dealt with on the Monday morning with an on-site engineer.

Would I recommend Team Metalogic? 100% yes. 

James Rainbird

Managing Director, Truffle Specialist Finance Ltd

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