We're excited to announce our all-new IT support and management portal for our Partners. It gives you access to everything you need from a single place — with plenty of additional benefits too.

The Team Metalogic Partner Portal

We're excited to announce our all-new IT support and management portal for our Partners.

It gives you access to everything you need from a single place — with plenty of additional benefits too.

Within the portal, you can:

  • Send and track tickets and service requests for quick resolution.
  • Access our comprehensive Knowledge Base for self-help articles.
  • Access 'Quick Start Guides' for most Microsoft 365 applications
  • Access all IT reports from a single area.
  • Improve cyber-security awareness and Microsoft application knowledge with integrated training courses.
  • Enjoy enhanced collaboration with intranet and messaging capabilities.
  • Gain insights into your IT infrastructure with business-minded data.
  • View interactive technology roadmaps and plans.

What's more, we want to make our new Partner Portal really easy to access and use, so as well as being able to access it via the usual https://portal.teammetalogic.com we'll be integrating the new portal directly into Microsoft Teams for each of our Partners, meaning it's always only 1-click away and with no extra usernames/passwords to remember!

We've added some useful Quick Start guides (see the 'Quick Links' section to the right) that will help familiarise you with the basics of navigating the new portal and submitting tickets and service requests. Of course, all of this information and more is available right within the portal itself - just head to the 'Knowledge Base' section.

For a deeper dive into our new Partner Portal, watch the video below where our CEO, Mike Parfitt, walks you through the value-added benefits the new Portal brings to your business or organisation:


Accessing the Partner Portal

If you're an existing Team Metalogic partner, you can access the new Partner Portal in one of two ways:


Via Microsoft Teams

Accessing the Partner Portal via Microsoft Teams is the easiest and quickest way of getting access, there are no usernames or passwords to enter, you're simply logged straight in based on your Microsoft 365 user account.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams

  2. Look for the 'TML Portal' icon in the left-hand navigation bar and click on it to access the Portal

If you do not have MS Teams, or do not see the 'TML Portal' icon, simply follow the instructions for 'Via a Web Browser' below.


Via a Web Browser

  1. Open your preferred web browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc)

  2. Navigate to https://portal.teammetalogic.com
  3. Click 'Microsoft - Log in using your Microsoft work account'

  4. Continue to login using your Microsoft 365 account credentials, these are usually your e-mail address and the password you use to login to your PC.

If you have trouble logging in with your Microsoft 365 account, simply click the 'Email Link' option and enter your e-mail address. As long as you're in our system as a user, we'll e-mail you a one-time access token to get you logged in.


For any queries about accessing or using the Partner Portal, please get in touch with our Service Desk on 0345 521 0618 and we'll be happy to help.

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