To be really great at what we do, we have focus on supporting a certain set of products and services.

Recommended Technology Platform

We’d like to think we can help with everything :-)

However, the reality is, to be really great at what we do, we have focus on supporting a certain set of products and services.

We call this set of products and services our Recommended Technology Platform (or RTP for short).

Our RTP includes:

Cloud Infrastructure Microsoft Azure
Cloud Infrastructure Microsoft O365
Virtualisation Platform VMWare
Operating System Microsoft Windows Server
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Operating System Mac OS X
Office Suite Microsoft Office Professional
Office Suite Microsoft Office 365
Office Suite Microsoft Office for Mac
Accounts Software Sage 50 Accounts Professional
Accounts Software Sage Accounts 50c
Accounts Software Sage Payroll
Accounts Software Xero Accounts
Accounts Software Iris Accountancy Suite
Security Software Trend Micro Worry Free Security
Security Software Sentinel One
Firewall Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall
Wireless Networking Ubiquiti UniFi
Hardware Dell Servers, Storage & Switching
Hardware Dell Desktops & Laptops
Telephony TML Horizon Hosted VoIP
Telephony Polycom IP Handsets
Backup TML Managed Online Backup

We know that using our RTP, you will have a great experience with your IT and if any issues pop up – we’ll be able to fix them quickly and easily to get you back up and running.

We also 'eat our own dog food' by running our own business (and our other partners' businesses) on our RTP platform.

What if I need support for something not on there?

Just ask us!

We pride ourselves on our troubleshooting and problem-solving skills and we are more than happy to help where we can.

Just keep in mind that for products outside our RTP, it may take us a little longer to familiarise ourselves in supporting them (and we may need to pull in the help of the specific software provider or vendor where possible).

And if you ask us for something completely outside our skill and experience level and there’s a chance we could break something, we’ll help you figure out where to go to get the best help.

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