William Dearden

Position: Senior Service Desk Engineer

What was the very first computer you used? (aka how old are you?!)

Commodore 64 

Who is your hero?

Sam Warburton, he was a great Welsh international player who still influences Wales today including grassroots. 

When did you join Team Metalogic?


Why are you here?

One reason is to keep building my career, as well as helping the less-experienced engineers do the same. Another reason is to visit countries and cities around the world as well as the UK, there's just so much to see out there. Last one, I've had my Nissan 350 for three years and it needs a bit of TLC to keep it in good nick!

What are your hobbies?

Love to get lost in a good strategy game on the PC, enjoy gardening (keeps the stress down), have done bouldering in the past (indoor climbing) and need to get back into it. The usual socialising with friends and family. 

What does your down-time look like?

Meeting up with friends and family, walking the dog around Van Mansion and surrounding fields, eating at restaurants, watching boxing, rugby & F1 when I can.

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