Team Metalogic & Values in Care

A growing business with multiple remote office locations needing a centralised approach to IT whilst maintaining security and data integrity...

Team Metalogic & Values in Care

Values in Care provides specialist medium-to-long-term, 24-hour supported accommodation for adults with complex learning disabilities, complex mental health and challenging needs.

Computers at their head office stored their own data and were networked only for internet access and e-mail with no shared data. Computers at each of their remote residential services sites also had no access to shared data and were somewhat isolated from the rest of the business, without any transparency or visibility from head office.

Version control was a major issue, with users constantly e-mailing documents back and forth, making it impossible to track where the latest version of any document was. Old ‘POP3’ mailboxes provided limited functionality and no synchronisation across multiple devices, causing problems for users who roamed between locations.


We implemented a Small Business Server, which allowed central storage of all corporate documents. Head office and each of the residential services were connected, using hardware VPNs to link them up, creating one network that everyone could access. Centralised management of permissions meant that users had access to the data they needed from any location, regardless of what computer they logged into across the business.

All users worked to the same best practices making it easier to locate and access relevant data. Due to the sensitive nature of clinical data being stored, data protection and information security principles were fully adhered to. Implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, an online collaboration tool, provided a seamless way of maintaining version control on documents that needed to be shared.

Implementation of Team Metalogic best practices, such as desktop restrictions and web filtering, ensured remote sites continued to operate in line with head office procedures and policies. An on premise Exchange server, part of Microsoft Small Business Server, provided shared calendars and fully synchronised e-mails, diaries, and task lists across multiple devices. Being centrally managed, mobile devices were secure and could be quickly wiped in the event of being lost or stolen.

As the business has continued to grow, our modular approach has allowed for new residential services to be ‘bolted on’ with ease and at a pre-budgeted cost, as and when required.


99.60% – Uptime since our engagement. (Team Metalogic Average: 98.99%)

4.96 / 5.00 – Customer Satisfaction Rating. (Team Metalogic Average: 4.94 / 5.00)


 “As Managing Director of Values in Care I recognised that our previous data management system was not fit for purpose, however what I did not know was how to remedy this. That is where Metalogic came to the rescue.  They guided me though what changes were required and did so taking into account the need to ensure the business was equipped for future planned growth. Information technology is definitely not my strong point, however Metalogic always ensure they ‘speak my language’. I have felt over the years that Values in Care are in safe hands with Metalogic, they provide responsive day to day support, problem solve on our behalf and help us plan for the future.”

Geraldine Butler, Managing Director, Values in Care Ltd


“ I have, on numerous occasions, relied on Team Metalogic to resolve operational IT issues which they have done in an extremely responsive way. I worked with Team Metalogic on the IT/Media requirements of our Training Suite and they provided a common sense, practical and cost effective solution. When developing Values in Care’s new website, Team Metalogic provided us with the platform and tools to be able to design and publish the website ourselves. I found them to be patient, attentive and willing to spend time upskilling me to able to develop the end product which is now live”.

Tony Davies, HR Manager, Values in Care Ltd


“Being the company administrator, I have had to correspond with all the team at Metalogic on many occasions via e-mail and telephone.  I have found them to be very supportive, they have also shown patience in explaining the outcome and given me a better understanding of the issues I have reported to them. I have found all reported issues are resolved in a professional and timely manner”

Mair Murphy, Company Administrator, Values in Care Ltd

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