Would you describe your workplace as modern?

Microsoft for the Modern Workplace

Would you describe your workplace as modern?

As organisations and technology evolves, tech and processes can very quickly go out of date, eventually costing more time, money and effort than they’re worth. This can affect employee productivity and wellbeing, and could also negatively affect the customer experience. 

In the changing times, organisations are increasingly embracing modern technologies and the benefits it has on employees and the business as a whole. Partly due to the pandemic, technological advancements have skyrocketed owing to the fact that a huge amount of our workforce is now working remotely.


How has technology affected the modern workplace and the way we work?

Technology is reshaping the modern workplace and the way we think and work.


The arrival of smartphones and chat apps has allowed teams to communicate quickly and efficiently. Apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams allow employees to communicate with each other from their homes and even across the world - people no longer need to be in the same office to collaborate, have meetings and work on projects together.

Task and Time Management

Project management software means that managers can build and delegate tasks, as well as keep up to date with progress. Staff can schedule their meetings, time and tasks with applications like Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Planner.


New tech can also eliminate the need for manual handling - having automated processes in place using applications like Power Automate. This means that employees can focus their time and energy on other tasks, ultimately improving team efficiency and productivity.


What are the issues in the modern workplace now?

Having a variety of software to keep colleagues connected can be fantastic,but there are also some issues that come with technological advancements.


As technology advances, it’s important to make sure everyone in the team correctly understands how to use software and applications. Employees want to feel happy and confident in their everyday working life, in order to feel confident and work to their full potential.

Communication barriers

The lack of face to face working and interaction can be detrimental to an organisation’s success, this is also important when bringing in new members of staff.


Managers can also find it difficult to monitor their team’s work and wellbeing when a workforce is working remotely.


What is Microsoft Modern Workplace?

Microsoft Modern Workplace includes a suite of Microsoft 365 technologies and applications which operate using the Cloud, and is the perfect solution for organisations where staff work remotely. 

It includes Office Applications, Microsoft Teams, Enterprise Mobility and Security and Azure data storage. The aim of the Microsoft Modern Workplace is to improve employee productivity, team collaboration and seamless communication whilst also maintaining high standards of security for your organisation’s systems and data. Microsoft Modern Workplace is a fantastic tool, and with the help of a strategic IT partner such as Team Metalogic you can get even more out of it.

How Team Metalogic can help you get the most out of Microsoft Modern Workplace

As your strategic IT partner, Team Metalogic is there for you every step of the way with Microsoft Modern Workplace. Having access to great tech is one thing, but knowing how to use it to its full advantage is another, which is where we come in.

Set up

We’ll help you with software setup and make sure everyone in your team knows how to use the applications to their benefit. We will examine the Periodic Table of 365 together, which groups together the different apps and illustrates how they complement each other. We’ll help you understand your tech without using jargon, giving you IT support in a language you can understand.

Preventative Maintenance

Being a managed IT company rather than a traditional IT support company, we will continue to monitor and manage your technology to prevent issues from arising. We will take care of your tech so that you can use your software seamlessly and do what you do best - running your business.


Our technical team makes up a fully supported Service Desk.

Our fully-trained and qualified team have a broad range of talents and technical skills that benefit you and your organisation. We’re also supported by Microsoft and other leading technological partners, meaning that we’re capable of solving any IT issue.

As part of Team Metalogic’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program, our staff are also continually upgrading their understanding and knowledge.

We monitor your systems and infrastructure day and night and our friendly, approachable team are on-hand for when your team needs additional help. You can get in touch with us in a variety of ways.


We’re Team Metalogic

We’re Team Metalogic, a managed IT support provider offering outsourced IT services to SMEs across the UK. With a proven track record, with extensive experience and a full portfolio of industry accreditations and certifications.

Our stress-free solutions don’t complicate things, in fact, they improve efficiency and save money.

Want support for your modern workplace?

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