Joshua joined the team last year as Service Desk Engineer and since joining us he’s gone from strength to strength within the company. At Team Metalogic we are committed to helping our colleagues grow and develop in order to excel in their careers, and Joshua is no exception. 

Service Desk Engineer Joshua James completes his CompTIA Network+ certification

As part of our training and development, he recently passed his CompTIA Network+ certification, a fantastic qualification enabling IT professionals to troubleshoot, configure and manage networks.

What makes CompTIA Network+ such a valuable qualification is that it gives the IT professional the ability to support networks regardless of the platform they are on. This includes skills such as designing and implementing networks, in addition to managing network security, standards and protocols.

Joshua’s hard work and newly acquired skills will enable him to help Team Metalogic continue to provide outstanding service to clients. 


Mike Parfitt, CEO of Team Metalogic, said this of Joshua’s achievement:

“This is an amazing effort from a really driven and determined individual, it’s everything we want to see from a Team Metalogic engineer!”


This certification is one of a number Joshua has completed since joining the team, proving that he’s a fantastic asset to the company and will go incredibly far in his IT career. He will continue to go from strength to strength in his work with Team Metalogic, one of the top managed IT companies in the UK.

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