For nearly 20 years, Team Metalogic has been operating as a leading IT and Telecoms company, and in this time they have been committed to helping their staff develop and grow.

Team Metalogic goes above and beyond in offering training opportunities to staff

For nearly 20 years, Team Metalogic has been operating as a leading IT and Telecoms company, and in this time they have been committed to helping their staff develop and grow.

Team Metalogic is a company who are fully dedicated to ensuring their team has the best opportunities they need in order to advance their understanding of IT and technology, and excel in their careers.

The IT and Telecoms company offers a two to five year training programme for every member of staff. They also fully fund each staff member’s Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme.

Team Metalogic aims to find gaps in the skillsets of each individual team member, tailoring each person’s training options to their specific needs.

As a business, Team Metalogic values high quality in everything they do, and it’s this that drives their desire to help young people learn such advanced skills. An example of their passion is demonstrated by their willingness to seek out emerging individuals in the technology sector and train them so they can work in senior positions within the IT and technology industry.

They financially support their employees to achieve CPD programmes, certifications, and pass exams that benefit their careers.

In addition to this, the company also encourages staff to find what they are individually interested in, and supports them in this as well, regardless of whether supporting these interests would be of financial benefit for the business.

One staff member who has hugely benefited from Team Metalogic’s commitment to helping their staff grow is Service Desk Engineer, Joshua James. Josh recently passed his CompTIA A+ certification, and between now and Christmas will sit two further exams – his CompTIA Network+ and a Microsoft Azure certification, funded and supported by his employer.


Similarly, Jamie Richards, has a success story to celebrate through working with Team Metalogic.

Jamie joined Team Metalogic in 2016 through the Jobs Growth Wales Apprenticeship Scheme. Thanks to the company’s dedication to helping junior staff members excel, over the years, Jamie has continued to grow. On 1st October 2020, Jamie was promoted to the role of Field Service Engineer.

Team Metalogic is a company with integrity and care at heart, and their commitment to helping their staff grow only demonstrates this further.

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