What are managed IT services and why does your business need them? Read this article to find out.

Managed IT services refers to the management of a company’s IT infrastructure, monitoring, proactive solution provision, and ongoing IT support. 

Most companies are familiar with IT support, which is an element of managed IT. Managed IT is more of a proactive approach to IT provision, with constant monitoring, upkeep and proactive recommendations to keep IT running and issues to a minimum.

Keep reading to learn how managed IT can add value to your business. We’ll also answer the questions ‘how much do managed IT services cost?’ as well as ‘why choose managed IT services?’. 

Why you need managed IT services

For businesses, it’s crucial that you have some level of IT support. The problem with the traditional model (IT support) is that it has a mainly reactive approach. With generic IT support when an issue arises, you can contact your provider and get a solution. Managed IT looks to make sure the foundations are solid, that any issues are found before they arise and that your IT is constantly upgraded and improved, avoiding issues altogether. 

Like IT support services, managed IT services are also there to help if an issue does occur. But unlike IT support, the job of a managed IT service provider isn’t over when the immediate problem goes away. Instead, they look at the issue that arose, and discover ways to strengthen this area of your IT to ideally prevent it reoccurring. 

Each issue with your systems or IT is an opportunity for your managed IT service provider to improve your systems and mechanisms.

What’s included in managed IT services?

Managed IT services offer a proactive approach, but what does that include? As we’ve mentioned, a proactive service means monitoring your systems, regular upkeep, recommendations, and more.

More specifically, there are eight main services that are included when you work with a managed IT service provider like Team Metalogic. 

1. Remote and on-site support

We aim to solve any problems that may arise promptly and efficiently. This may mean our team working on issues remotely to save time on travelling to you, and allows us to get to the problem as quickly as possible. 

For problems that can’t be solved remotely, our expert team will come out to you to rectify things in person. 

We include an unlimited amount of remote support to your business during business hours. Business critical systems such as servers are monitored and problems investigated 24/7/365 (even on public holidays).

2. Preventative Maintenance

We continually manage your patches and security updates which helps to prevent issues from arising. We take care of your IT so you can focus on more important things – running your business! 

3. Our Service Desk and Network Operations Centre

Our Service Desk is made up of skilled and experienced technicians, who together, make up an entire IT department with their wealth of knowledge. Contact us as and when you need us!

As well as our team’s knowledge, our services also include a Network Operations Centre (NOC). The NOC is made up of over 800 other engineers across multiple time-zones to solve any problem whenever you may need it.

4. Enterprise Security

Our Enterprise Security services help defend your business and hard work by providing round-the-clock monitoring from malware, ransomware and unsolicited emails (also known as spam) and much more.

At Team Metalogic, we have antivirus enterprise grade security products, including antivirus and malware protection. We can help stop targeted attacks by installing the most appropriate defence software to keep your business up and running.

5. Cloud Computing Services

Whether you need Microsoft 365 for business or enterprise, help with managed cloud backup, Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) or anything else, we can help with your cloud services.

From transferring files onto the cloud, explaining how to best use it and setting up appropriate security measures, our cloud computing services work to benefit you. 

6. Security Posture

From cyber security services to ensuring only certain team members have access to the most confidential files and data, we work with you to secure your business in every way possible.

7. Telecoms for the Modern Workplace

We know that the modern workplace now includes video calling programmes such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more. We can help set these up and ensure they run effectively on your hardware. We act as your strategic partner so that your business can get the most out of its tools.

Microsoft 365 services are also a great addition to the modern workplace, particularly with its features that allow you to work from anywhere at any time. 

We offer complete telecoms services and support that helps with your connectivity, direct routing for calls and more.

8. Specialist Project Work

Looking to complete a project that requires appropriate IT infrastructure to facilitate it? Whether big or small, when you work with us for your managed IT services, you gain access to help with any specialist project work. 

Although this is an extra area of work that isn’t included in our main services, by partnering with us, you still have access to this service by adding it onto your existing package. 

For a small extra cost, we’ll use our expert advice to recommend the best IT hardware and software that will help see your project through from start to finish.

The inclusion of these eight services (and the ability to have access to more!) in our managed IT package means that we put you first. At Team Metalogic, we always have our clients’ best interests at heart. Our experience in the managed IT industry allows us to help you with any project you may be looking to do.

So whether you are considering migrating to cloud-based services, are worried about your cyber security posture, or have a specific IT project in mind, our managed IT package includes the lot. Simply chat to us about what you want to achieve, and as your strategic partner, we’ll ensure your IT can help you get there.

How much do managed IT services cost?

Fully managed IT support services typically charge upwards from as little as £300 per month, but it really does depend on a few factors. Some of these factors are:

  • The scale and complexity of your IT’s infrastructure and systems
  • The complexity of the services you choose i.e. how advanced you want your support to be
  • The services you choose as part of your support package (e.g. cyber security, cloud backup, Microsoft 365 etc.)

It’s worth noting that even with all these things considered, of course all managed IT companies will still charge differently.

When looking at the cost of managed IT services, it’s important to note that this isn’t just a price you pay for someone to fix your computer. It’s an investment in your business.

When you work with Team Metalogic, one thing that helps with the cost is that, unlike other providers who charge per device, we charge per user. 

By paying per user, you can have multiple devices for each employee that are all covered under one cost, making our plan hugely beneficial for your business. 

Why choose managed IT services?

Even though you know that you need some form of IT support, the question still stands: why choose managed IT services, and even more so – why choose Team Metalogic as your managed IT partner.

If you still need convincing, take a look at our summary…

Why choose managed IT services?

You receive a complete package of IT support

We’ve already mentioned the main services we offer from specialist project work, to cloud computing, security and more. Managed IT providers can help with any IT-related project or issue you may have. 

More than just tech support, managed IT offers everything you may need.

You gain a strategic partner 

As an extension of your team, your managed IT services provider should become a strategic partner for your business. 

Through offering the best advice for your IT systems, managed IT services can help your business grow and achieve its goals by having the most efficient and appropriate IT hardware and software.

You have a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips

Managed IT service companies are made up of numerous employees with varying backgrounds. This gives a managed IT service provider the knowledge of an entire IT department available to you at all times.

As opposed to having an IT specialist in-house who may be knowledgeable in one or two key areas, managed IT services have nearly all the knowledge you could possibly need. And if they don’t have the specific answer you require, they have networks and professionals they can call upon to always provide you with the right information.

Why choose Team Metalogic as your managed IT services provider?

When you choose Team Metalogic, you benefit from all three of the above points as well as our extensive services already covered.

But what really sets us apart from other managed IT service providers, and why you should choose us for your managed IT, is our continual investment in your business from the get go. 

Before we start working with you fully, we aim to gather a full understanding of your business so we can tailor our services to best suit you. We care about the success of each and every client we work with, and we want to use our expertise in IT and telecommunications to help your business be the best it can be.

We are always looking for ways to improve our client’s IT and technology, even if we’ve been working with them for years. We’re supported by some of the worlds’ leading technology partners, allowing us to provide the best possible service to help your business. 

At Team Metalogic, we want to provide the highest levels of service, communication and clarity to each individual customer, and we do this by continually investing in internal systems and technologies.

We’re a team who values company culture highly, and we work well together to achieve results for all our clients. 

Interested in our managed IT services?

With combined years of experience from all our dedicated and skilled engineers, Team Metalogic is well equipped to effectively manage your IT systems. 

We are accredited with Cyber Essentials, we’re a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner, and we’ve been named in the “Top 50 Best managed IT Companies”, amongst other achievements. These accomplishments demonstrate our expertise and we’d love to use our skills to support your business’ IT infrastructure.

Interested in what our range of top quality services can do for you?

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