Almost every business in every sector needs some kind of technology in order to achieve their goals. From the PCs, laptops and mobile devices you use every day, to the servers your business operates on and the security of your data, IT is everywhere. 

For many people, they don’t talk or think about IT until it goes wrong. When IT goes wrong it can be really bad, we’re talking loss of data, time, angry customers, frustrated staff members or damages to your carefully cultivated brand reputation. 

Having a more proactive approach can be incredibly beneficial to the running of your business. There are many options when it comes to how you resource your IT, but we’re here to tell you more about how to outsource IT services, and how they could benefit you and your organisation. 

What is outsourcing IT services?

In a nutshell: when an organisation outsources its IT it means they utilise an external provider to deliver any or all of the IT services needed. These outsourced providers can provide a full service where they are also wholly responsible for the IT maintenance. 

Some examples of these services are:

  • Web hosting
  • Technical support
  • Data storage
  • Cyber security
  • Software development 

Businesses of any size can benefit from outsourcing their IT, or any other services in fact, as part of their business plan and in order to develop and grow as an organisation.

Why outsource your IT services? 

As we mentioned before, almost every company will have some sort of IT requirement, and as a company grows it is common for individual teams to have different needs, for example, software, devices or security.

1. Cost-effective

Hiring and training IT staff is costly and consuming. With outsourced services you have multiple people with a huge collective amount of knowledge and skills at your fingertips, which costs way less than it would to have all these people as in-house, full time members of staff. Most outsourced companies will either charge on a fixed monthly fee or per user, so you’ll be able to plan ahead with your budgeting and reduce unexpected payouts.

Not only that, but many outsourced IT companies are fully supported by a 24/7/365, an out of hours line or operations centres, so you will always be able to get the assistance you need for a fraction of the cost of in-house support.

2. Better security

In-house experts will always have a certain level of training in cyber security, but outsourcing your IT gives you access to an organisation who specialise in looking after your data. A managed IT company such as Team Metalogic are equipped with the knowledge and accreditations to make sure your cyber security is up to scratch, and can enable compliance with differing regulatory requirements such as Cyber Essentials, HIPAA and PCI.

3. Increased flexibility

An outsourced company will be as flexible as you are, and are able to provide and adapt their services depending on what your business needs. You will only be paying for the services you need, and a reputable company such as Team Metalogic will regularly report to you on what’s working, where any gaps are and if anything can be improved. 

4. Enables business growth

As your business expands, you’ll need to have access to new tools, software and certifications. Outsourced companies will want to offer the best possible service to their clients so will always be investing in training for their staff and keeping up to date on the latest trends and tech. They will also be able to advise you on the next steps for your business IT needs, so you can plan ahead.

5. Breadth of service

We mentioned it earlier – outsourced IT companies can offer a whole range of services to ensure that all your needs are met. That means you have just one contact point for all your IT queries – they will be doing all the work behind the scenes like negotiations and agreements to get you the tech you need. 

6. Implementation of new tech

If you are expanding, starting new projects or need to upgrade your tech, this could take weeks or even months with an in-house IT team – not to mention the cost. A well managed IT company such as Team Metalogic will have the capacity to handle these changes and upgrades right away, meaning the process will be much smoother. If that wasn’t enough, these companies will often have access to certain offers and pricing for new tech and software which would not be available to you directly from the company itself, so you will be saving money too. 

7. Being able to focus on your business

Outsourcing your IT services means that you can have peace of mind, as your security and network doesn’t stop working when you do. You’ll have the right support in place so you can achieve business continuity, you won’t be bogged down in the day to day running or IT issues because you know it’s all in hand. This means the valuable time and energy you have can be used to power your business forward. 

IT support or managed IT?

You’ve decided you need some outside help with your IT, but what do you go for? Managed services or IT support?

The latter has a more reactive approach: you contact your provider when an issue arises and they fix the problem. Managed IT has a more proactive approach: looking for the root of the issue and fixing that so it doesn’t happen again. Find out more about the specifics of managed IT here

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